Friday, 14 December 2012

White walk to work

It had been predicted, but it was still exciting to wake up this morning and see a Christmas tree in the courtyard. Snow seems to add that Christmassy layer to everything.  
Following Monica and Xavier's example, I've been walking Stephen to work. To my Australian eyes the buildings, trams and people, that we see along the five minute walk to the office, seem impressively European, like this building across the road from Stephen's cosy apartment.
But this morning everything looked even more exotic decorated with a thick coating of white, fluffy snow. 
My excitement about the white walk to work wasn't entirely shared by the worker himself, who was busy dodging puddles, while mentally reviewing his presentation for this morning.

Before wandering back through the snow to layer up for another day of sightseeing in Milano, I quickly stopped for a cappuccino and delicious krappfen. Memories of Austrian winters came flooding back with the first mouthful!
Snow is forecast for today and tomorrow, so I think it's going to be a day of visiting galleries and possibly a couple of bars. Must remember not to order a capuccino after noon and to stick to a limit of one krappfen per day.
Ciao, ciao!

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  1. Austrian winters is an exageration ! Austrian winter, singular, would be more acurate. However seeing the photos, it is exactly what I thought. Watch out for those Krappfen and remember the lights of the Kombi:)