IN Milan

These are some of the things we enjoy doing in Milan.  Perhaps you will too?

1.  Take a walk from the Duomo.  CLICK HERE for the detailed itinerary.

2.  Take the No.1 TRAM from Piazza della Scala to Corso Sempione.  CLICK HERE for details.

3. Taste the BEST GELATO in Milan.  CLICK HERE for suggestions.

4. Try to visit Milan during Design Week. Usually in April.  CLICK HERE for the excitement.  

5. Take a walk through the Brera.  CLICK HERE for ideas.

6. Test your sense of fashion in Milan during Fashion Week (4 times a year) CLICK HERE.

7. Take your family to Sunday lunch at Al Fresco. CLICK HERE.

8. Take yourself for a cake and coffee to Cafe Bottega Cacao in the Brera. CLICK HERE.

9. Try to get a ticket to the opera or ballet at La Scala.  CLICK HERE.

10. Take a walk through the Quadrilatero d'Oro for serious shopping. CLICK HERE

11. Tour the incredible Cemetery of Milan to see amazing sculptures.  CLICK HERE

12. Take the No. 14 Tram to Chinatown. CLICK HERE

13. Taste really, really good gelato CLICK HERE

14. Taste really, really delicious panettone CLICK HERE

15. Try some traditional Milanese dishes for lunch CLICK HERE

16. Take an evening stroll past some beautiful shop windows CLICK HERE

17. Tempted by a home cooked meal in Milan?  CLICK HERE

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