Friday, 21 December 2012

Buon Natale

 As Christmas day looms closer, so does our temporary departure from Milan. Snow is predicted for Friday when our flight is scheduled to leave, so fingers crossed that we'll make it home in time to celebrate Buon Natale with our families.
In Milan we've been enjoying some Christmas cheer with Stephen's colleagues from the office.  Last night we were invitied to a very cool aperitivo bar, Alchimia on Via Brioschi, quite close to the Navigli canal area.  Although the aperitivo plates weren't as tasty as the delicious eggplant parmagiana that we sampled last week (the name of that bar escapes me), the company was lots of fun, and the vino rosso was most agreeable.

Our chilly walk home showed off the streets of Milan with pretty Christmas lights glowing. 
The Christmas decorations are mostly quite understated in Milan.  Lots of simple Christmas trees in shop windows, like these that I spotted on my many trips to the city.

Even the Duomo piazza tree follows a simple theme of red bows and twinkling lights.
The simple wreaths made from fresh leaves and vegetables also caught my eye.

I'm already starting to plan where to next in Milan as I've discovered, there's lots more to explore in this little gem of a city.
Buon Feste!
Arrivederci Milano!

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  1. Great to hear your news from Milan Jen. We have just had a champagne near the river at Ballina. Buon Natale and safe trip back to Oz. Love Therese and Bruce.