Thursday, 4 July 2013

The same...but different!

For our return to Milan we once again flew with Emirates but this time we took the evening 9pm flight arriving in Milan around 1.30pm the following day.  What a difference it made flying through the night. No jetlag, unlike the trip last year when Stephen’s sleep pattern became so interrupted that over several weeks Cherie noticed him morphing into someone she’d never met before, “Grumpy Stephano”.  Not this time!

At long last, we're back.
The next most obvious difference has been the summer weather.  We arrived to blue skies, balmy temperatures and wonderful, bright evenings where it’s not dark till after 9.30pm.

With the lovely long evenings there’s plenty of time to enjoy Milan’s aperitivo bars. We’ve revisited some of the ones that Stephen and Cherie discovered in winter last year when they huddled inside.  But now in summer we’ve discovered more places to sip a glass of vino or a cocktail, and nibble on an aperitivo snack while sitting at sidewalk tables enjoying the passing Milanese parade.

 Having settled into our tiny studio apartment we’ve enjoyed walking along leafy shaded streets and discovering little gated, grassy parks that were invisible during the winter.  Last year by the time I arrived in winter they were bare and lifeless. Now they are lush oases dotted through this bustling city. 

So our return to Milan has been a little the same as last year but mostly it’s been very different, in a good way.
vediamo  a presto.


  1. Enjoyed your first return to MILANO blog Jen. Hi to Stephen Ciao Therese and Bruce

  2. Thanks for reading Therese. It took me a while to post as blogger seems to have changed quite a bit since I last used it. Stephen also says Hi to you both.

  3. Milan looks just a tad more cosmopolitan than Brisbane. Meaghan