Sunday, 9 March 2014

Putting Como behind us

This week spring arrived early in Milan with blue skies and temperatures in the mid-teens. On Sunday we decided to make most of the weather with a day trip to Como.
Most people arrive in Como by train and then quickly leave to catch a ferry up the lake.  But Stefano had read about a walk we could do from the top of the funicular railway.  So on this perfect spring day we turned our backs on Lago Como and joined the queue for the train up the mountain.
The funicular takes you to the small town of Brunate which was a very popular holiday resort in 1894 when the railway was built.  Many of the original villas still remain, although not always in pristine condition, giving this mountain resort town a slightly dishevelled air.
From Brunate we followed the rocky, cobblestoned path further up the mountain to the village of San Maurizo.  Along the way we spotted several drifts of snow, reminding us that it was only a few weeks ago when it seemed that the winter would never end.
Then at 1000 metres we stopped for lunch at  Baita Carla.  Although we knew nothing about this small mountain restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised by the authentic, home-made mountain food.  Once again we enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch surrounded by local families.
To walk off a little of the homemade ravioli and pizzoccheri we kept hiking up the hill for another half an hour.
Although it was tempting to stop and join the locals snoozing in the sunshine, especially after the vino rosso at lunch, we kept walking enjoying the fresh mountain air and scenery, before turning around and heading back to the funicular.
Back down at the lake we strolled along the shore before catching the train home to Milan.
We loved our day on the mountain above Como.  We're already planning to return to follow the Dorsale Triangolo Larino track, a two day walk down to Bellagio.  By turning our backs on Como and the lake, we've happily discovered more reasons to return.

Benveuto primavera!


  1. One to add to our list Jen. Loved the snoozers in the sun!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about our walk. I will be adding more information about the walks we do on this blog. Please subscribe if you're interested.