Sunday, 16 March 2014

A spring welcome

This morning we woke to music coming from the street. 
Downstairs a musical trio was ambling along trumpeting the joy of spring.  Suddenly the signs of 'primavera' are everywhere...
The first green shoots sprouted this week 
and the magnolia trees burst into bloom.
They aren't common in Milan, so this stunning display caught us by surprise.  
Pansies brightened the footpaths and peeked from window boxes,
- while shorts
and T-shirts appeared in the streets and parks.
Best of all,
we enjoyed lunch on our balcony for the first time this year AND
our local gelateria re-opened!

Primavera ha arrivato a Milano! Benvenuto!


  1. Che bellissima! Ma una gellateria solo operte in primavera e estate? Ba!!!!

    1. Thank you Robyn. Your Italian is most impressive! I'm still struggling along, but it is very good for the brain cells. Oh and our gelateria closes in January and February, as do lots of the gelateria in Milan.