Monday, 2 September 2013

Well why not?

Our dear friend Fi joined us in Milan for the last weekend of summer. So we thought, let's escape from the city and explore the lakes and towns just outside Milan.
Hire a Fiat 500?
Why not!
 Drive 55kms north to the lakeside town of Varese
Tour some beautifully restored villas?

Relax in the stunning gardens?

Stay in a magnificently restored ancient manor house?
Drink local Buosi café and stir with a chocolate spoon?

Join the crowds taking an evening walk by Lago Varese and discover a little corner of home?
Drink free prosecco on the terrace of our gorgeous hotel?
We did it all and loved every minute. Can you tell?


  1. Could this be the start of "My Year(s) in Milan"?
    Only superlatives come to mind, and even then justice wouldn.t be done.
    Drummoyne must seem like a long way away.