Sunday, 29 September 2013

It's difficult...

In Milan some things are proving difficult...
like choosing which pasta to buy when the choice seems endless, 
or finding coffee that's hotter than lukewarm. 
It's very hard to take a bad shot of the Duomo, or to resist a glass of prosecco on the rooftop bar of La Rinascente. Thanks Peter!
Yes, some things in Milan are proving to be quite difficult...
but it is IMPOSSIBLE to only eat gelati once a week! 
I withdraw my previous declaration. It was made before we moved less than a block away from this tiny gelateria where the nocciola flavour has proved to be irresistible. 

Taste test summary
Like many lovers of gelati one of my favourite flavours is a popular classic - Nocciola. At our local gelateria it is a really delicious creamy, hazelnut flavour which varies slightly from day to day as it is made fresh on site! 
My only criticism is that it lacks the crunch of real nuts. I do love a chunky, toffee surprise in my gelato.
Gelati rating 
Nocciola  **** 

Try it here:
i Gelati di Nanina
via Foppa 52
I'm not alone in my recommendation.
Così ora si può apprezzare quanto sia difficile la vita può essere quando si vive dietro l'angolo da una gelateria. Alla prossima settimana ...


  1. Very nice shot of you Jen. Wonder who took it. xx

    1. A talented photographer who was visiting Milano! Grazie.

  2. Gorgeous Jen! I didn't eat any gelato when we were in Italy as I was never quite sure if they were gluten-free. Maybe you can investigate? Ciao!

    1. Yes I will do Therese. Happy to do the 'hard yards' to find the senza gluten gelati in Milano.

    2. For when we come over Jen so I can join you in a gelato or is it gelati?