Friday, 14 August 2015

A golden day in Scicli

We made the most of our week with Gen and Bill, touring the Baroque towns of Sicily.  Each day, we left the apartment bound for another Baroque town certain that it couldn't be as charming as Modica.  And each afternoon, we returned to the apartment bubbling with excitement after discovering another uniquely beautiful spot.  The Baroque towns of Sicily charmed us, completely.

Scicli was my favourite, but the competition was tough.
Sicili's almost empty streets were dotted with
the odd, enterprising local.
Some of the locals persuaded a gullible tourist to model the local pasta making process.
Same town, different gullible tourist model, with another charmingly enterprising Scicli local.
Local romance...
provided welcome entertainment when viewed from a shady seat.
And of course there was a delicious lunch of local pasta,
where once again, we had the restaurant to ourselves.  
A perfect day in Scicli.
E' stata una giornata d'oro!

Where we ate:
La Grotta is a fabulous little restaurant set into a cave in the side of the mountain behind the main town of Scicli.  The food is traditional cucina povera: simple pastas with delicious vegetable sauces topped with roasted breadcrumbs, the poor man's parmesan, as the chef explained.  
Click HERE for the menu etc.
Read reviews HERE.

And just one more thing.  
Just after we left Milan, I was invited to contribute a photo to a travel blog.  If you are heading to the northern Italy over the next couple of months, have a look at the links in the following blogpost.  There are some great photos showcasing different places to visit in our old 'home town'.
20 Italy Bloggers Share Favorite Photos of Milan.

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