Sunday, 5 April 2015

Walking in the Cotswolds, Chalford

The village of Chalford near Stroud.
After six days in London we escaped from the city's hustle and bustle with plans to walk, or ramble as the English prefer to say, in the countryside.  Our destination was Chalford, a village in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds.  
The canal which seeps through the village is bordered by a walking path.  Luck was with us on our first day as the sun shone, so we set out to explore the area. 
After a gentle walk along the canal we wandered uphill through some paddocks and found ourselves in the nearby village of Frampton Mansell.  
And we arrived at their local pub, The Crown Inn, just in time for lunch.  
We spent just over a week staying in Chalford. After our first day of sparkling the weather the skies turned grey and the temperature dropped but our days were brightened by our nephew Tim, who joined us for a long weekend.
We followed the example of the English and didn't let a little damp weather put us off another ramble. This time we took Tim on a pub crawl.  
Tim filling the doorway of The Daneway Pub, Sapperton.
Our first stop was The Daneway, one of the oldest pubs in the area, which dates back to 1784.  The slogan on their website rings true, "Real Ale, Real Food, Real Pub, Real People".  It is an unpretentious little pub with the main bar the size of a small sitting room,  just right for a couple of regulars to prop up the counter.  
In the main bar of the Daneway, first pub of the walk.
After warming up by the fire we enjoyed a hearty plate of chips, a couple of ales and a cider to fuel us to the next pub.
On and up we walked away from the canal into lanes winding through the estate of the Earl of Bathurst.  Our second pub was in the centre of Sapperton, actually it is the centre of Sapperton, as apart from several old houses and a village hall which is famous for its Arts and Crafts style that's about all there is.
The Bell at Sapperton was a complete contrast to the Danebank.  It was full of families enjoying a late Mother's Day lunch.  The pub has been completely renovated and the restaurant is becoming famous throughout the area. It was almost fine dining.
We managed to squeeze in and grabbed a couple of stools at the bar.  While we sipped our beers and cider the waiter brought over a complimentary bowl of steaming hot roasted potatoes with fresh gravy for dipping.  A very nice touch.  
Our last pub was the unanimous favourite, The Crown at Frampton Mansell where Stefano and I had enjoyed lunch on our first day in the Cotswolds.  
After that, the ramble home seemed shorter, and not so chilly after all. Our spirits were high, even though the temperature outside was dropping. 

Prossima volta andiamo a Bath, Oxford e Stratford Upon Avon.  Ciao a tutti.  


  1. Looks cold... and more like a pub crawl through the Cotswolds!
    You may need to rename your blog 'European Transfer'.

  2. Love the scenery and greenery of England. Superb!