Saturday, 19 July 2014

The best gelateria in Milan is?

A promising sign. Freshly depleted tubs of gelato not neat fluffy domes.
Yesterday, I received a tip from my friend Nicoletta, one of the personal trainers at our local palestra - the local gym, but the Italian word sounds much more elegant.
Like me, Nicoletta is a gelato expert, so she couldn't wait to share her most recent discovery. 
"Last week I had the best gelato I've ever tasted in Milan. You've got to go there.  Gelateria della musica. The salted pistachio was the most delicious flavour I've ever tasted!" 

That was all the information I needed.  
Less than 24 hours later my friend Janka, another gelato connoisseur, and I, were determinedly trudging along the melting pavements of the Navigli district.  Yes, in summer Milan gets so hot that the asphalt footpaths get tacky, proving treacherous for those wearing stilettos and unpleasantly sticky for those wearing sandals with thin soles.  But Janka and I were well equipped with appropriate footwear for our expedition to this famous gelateria located on a treeless, ordinary suburban street just across from the Grande Canal.
The line outside the tiny shop front was a very good sign.  We didn't need to queue for long as there's an efficient purchasing system.  Once inside you pay for your gelato specifying the size of cone and how many scoops.  I'm a dedicated "un cono, due gusti con un cucchiaino" gelato eater.  
After paying 2.30Euro, a very reasonable price, I took my ticket to the gelato fridges and waited for my number to be called, just like purchasing something from the deli section in a Sydney supermarket. 
 Did I mention that inside this tiny shop it was packed?
The large whiteboard by the cash register shows the long list of unusual gelato flavours that have made this little gelateria so popular.  Many have musical nicknames like Lady Gaga, a sweet cheesecake confection.  
  I followed Nicoletta's advice for my due gusti - pistacchio con sale e fragola. 
There are only three stools inside and no seats outside, so we were fortunate to arrive just in time to grab two spots right beside one of the newest generation of gelato connoisseurs.  
You can tell this little poppet is a discerning gelato eater.  She's graduated from a coppa and is wielding her cucchiaino with skill, keeping her white pants pristine while savouring every mouthful. 

Taste test summary
Salted pistacchio lived up to Nicoletta's recommendation.  It was a deep green colour and the flavour was intensely nutty with that distinctive creamy pistacchio taste.  Janka concurred.  My strawberry gelato was delicious, but not outstanding. Janka really enjoyed her watermelon scoop which I also tasted.  An authentic flavour, just like biting into a sweet, ripe watermelon.  

Gelati rating *****
Fantastically intense flavours.  Made fresh daily.  Can't wait to return to try some of the other inventive combinations, like lemon and basil which was recommended by the "poppet's" mother.  Perfect for a hot summer afternoon pick-me-up.

Try it here
Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi, 4, 20143

And the winner is...
So after a year of eating gelato, not just once a week as I'd originally intended, but whenever we have visitors, or when the weather is really hot, or when I need a quick jolt of something sweet, or when I remind myself that I won't be able to do this when we go home, or....(insert any excuse you can think of) I am prepared to name the best gelateria in Milan...DRUMROLL......

The best gelateria in Milan is STILL

MAG Mastri Artigiani del Gelato
Corner of Corso Genova & Via Gaudenzio Ferrari
You just can't beat their croccante!
MAG not only offers delicious gelato but it is a lovely space.  Lots of benches inside and out making it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the passing parade of Milanese stopping by to grab their gelato fix.  No arguments from our visitors!
So that's my verdict after a year of gelato tasting. 
But Janka's already suggesting a new nomination.  Looks like this could be an annual competition!
If you have other nominations do leave a comment below.

Ci vediamo prossima e buon appetito!


  1. I think I have to agree with you Jen because MAG also has those lovely 'gelato in a gluten free biscuit/macaron'. (I have forgotten their Italian name.)

    1. Yes, of course Therese. I haven't tried their biscotti with gelato but you've reminded me that I must. Perhaps this year I should develop a category of gelato awards. Perfect gelato eating weather here right now!

    2. I need to try both of these when I get back to the city! Always love your gelato posts Jenny :) - Heather

    3. Thanks Heather. We'll need to swap icecream / gelato stories when you return. I'm sure to have found a few more worth exploring by the end of summer.

  2. I'm currently "researching" this topic too! put out a list of their top 10 in Milan and I want to get to all of them. Musica is definitely very good! The pistacchio bronte was too much for me the 2nd time around, but I love their inventive flavors. I haven't tried the other shop you've mentioned...I'll have to add it to the list for when I return in the fall!

    1. Thanks for commenting Carrie and for the reminder about the list on Swide. I had a quick look and didn't recognise any of them. Definitely time to sink my teeth into some new research.