Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sabbato a Milano

Family and friends have asked, "What do you do on the weekends in Milan?"
Well this weekend we kept it pretty green, although we didn't hire this little car. Here's what we did on Saturday...
Our usual weekend treat is to pop over the road to Bar Foppa where Francesca greets us with the friendliest "Ciao" in all of Milano! Saturday was no exception. 
"Vorrei due cappucini e due brioche crema. Per favore." We try to order in our best Italiano but the guy at the cash register always struggles to understand. Could it be the Aussie accents?
After coffee we walked through Parco Solari to the Sant Agostino Metro where we stopped for a quick look at the Saturday market.
We were on a mission to return a library book so we caught the metro into the city. Then, after a quick stop in the Brera district for Stefano to buy some shoes, it was on to Milano Centrale Biblioteca to return 'Sweet tooth' by Ian McEwan, an unusual thriller by one of my favourite authors.
Just near the Duomo we jumped on the 14 tram for our lunch destination: Chinatown - Yes there is a small Chinatown here.
A stroll along via Bramente, followed by a fairly ordinary lunch and then back on the 14 tram home.
A cuppa and rest on the couch before completing our 'compiti'. Stefano visited the gym while I took my IKEA trolley for a very short walk across the road to visit PAM, our local supermarket.
On our way through the Brera district Stefano couldn't resist grabbing a couple of bargain bottles of wine from Sicily. The bottle we opened for dinner complimented Stefano's saltimbocca perfectly.
It was good to eat in. We'd been out a couple of times this week as our friend Rod stopped over on his way from London to India. 
One of the great things about having visitors is that we can share some of the discoveries we're making about where to eat and drink in Milan.  This week we took Rod to a couple of our favourites for aperitivo, pizza and gelato. 
But that's another blog post.
Cassaforte di soggiorno e hanno una settimana felice.

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  1. What a busy bustling weekend you had, and a CHINATOWN....arghhh now you're talking!
    We had a quiet rainy weekend at home as Sam was suffering from kidney stones.
    ciao ciao
    lisa x