Saturday, 29 November 2014

Love a panettone festival!

Via Savona
Last week the first signs appeared.  Along the street, in the supermarket,
and in the shop windows.
Christmas is coming and in Milan that means deck the halls with panettone.
Today we joined the locals at a very Christmassy event. A panettone festival held just ten minutes walk from where we live.  Suprisingly, even though panettone originated in Milan, the festival attracts pasticcerie from throughout Italy, and even Switzerland.
So what happens at a panettone festival?
Bakers bring their panettone to compete.
 There are tasting lectures and then the judges assemble to rigorously taste, slice after slice.
While the bakers wait nervously for the entire two days of the festival to learn whose panettone will be the victor,
 it is out in the main hall that the really serious action happens.
Thousands of slices of panettone are given away to the crowds coming to taste the many flavours on offer.  
The people's choice seems to be a close tie between chocolate chip and the traditional sultana with candied fruit,   
but this year there may be an upset, as the new iced panettone were very popular.
And if you're thinking that all panettone tastes the same - sort of like dry, yeasty bread with sultanas and candied fruit, then we have to say that you are wrong.
Even though it's only our second panettone festival, we can assure you that the best ones really "melt in your mouth," according to Stefano.  
"Mmmm," I agree.

Warning! There will be Panettone tastings on the Central Coast at Christmas this year.  
And, we're not the only ones dreaming of a Christmas down under. 
It seems that even in Milan, Sydney is the city of dreams.
Solo venti giorno fino ad arrivare a casa per Natale!

Panettone festival details
29 & 30 November
Via Bergognone, 34 
Ore 11:00 - 19:00.


  1. Great photos Jen. Don't suppose you came across any senza glutine panettone?

    1. Well I thought I'd found one as the queue was very long and the shop was called Riso del sole, or something like that, but when I got through the crowd no luck. I will keep looking for panettone senza glutine. A mission.

  2. The Panettone looks very tasty and I love the look of those Christmas jars. Fancy finding a doona cover with Sydney emblazoned on it in Italy - very bizzare!

    1. Yes it was a surprise Kathy, but when we tell Italians that we are from Australia the most common response is, 'It is my dream to go there!' A sheet set might be more affordable.

  3. I can taste the panettone now! Must have been fun, all that taste testing!

    1. It was Fi! This year we timed it better and went in the morning on the first day. Last year we arrived on the Sunday evening and it was impossible to move as people were in a total panettone buying frenzy.

  4. I think we must get the left-over panettones in Australia - as i recall, a texture reminiscent of stale raisin toast. The ones in your photos look like a different kettle of fish