About Us

We are from Sydney, Australia. The opportunity to live and work in Milan cropped up unexpectedly, so we've grabbed it with both hands. During the week we live in the city, but on the weekends we explore the towns of Northern Italy in search of great food, and wine, and gelato!

We hope you enjoy joining us on our Milanese adventure.


Jenny and Stephen


  1. Hope the trip went well - I'm a bit unsure if any comments are getting through though.

  2. Hi Jenny and Stephen great to 'meet' you through our blogs. I'm just off to have a read up
    ciao lisa x

  3. Hi , just called in to say Hello , I am a follower of Lisa , Renovating Italy , so your comment on her blog ,, Hope all goes well for you in Milan . Ciao

    1. Thanks for visiting Anne. I have just seen your incredible blog and look forward to returning to enjoy more of your wonderful photographs.

  4. Hi Jenny, I just found your blog and I find it very interesting. I'm an Italian living in Australia, I grew up in a village near Milan and visited most of the places you write about in your blog but your eyes see things I've never noticed before and I love it! Thanks for making me feel a bit closer to my Country :-) Mrs. Bingles (movingaroundmum.wordpress.com)

  5. Hi Mrs Bingles,
    So glad you found our little blog. Expat eyes do see differently. I look forward to exploring your blog too. I notice that you're currently in Melbourne. Although I've not lived there, I've visited many times and love it. In many ways Milan reminds us of Melbourne, not only because of the trams but also the culture of food and design. We hope you enjoy your stay down under as much as we are enjoying life up here. Grazie mille per suo commento.