Friday 21 December 2012

Buon Natale

 As Christmas day looms closer, so does our temporary departure from Milan. Snow is predicted for Friday when our flight is scheduled to leave, so fingers crossed that we'll make it home in time to celebrate Buon Natale with our families.
In Milan we've been enjoying some Christmas cheer with Stephen's colleagues from the office.  Last night we were invitied to a very cool aperitivo bar, Alchimia on Via Brioschi, quite close to the Navigli canal area.  Although the aperitivo plates weren't as tasty as the delicious eggplant parmagiana that we sampled last week (the name of that bar escapes me), the company was lots of fun, and the vino rosso was most agreeable.

Our chilly walk home showed off the streets of Milan with pretty Christmas lights glowing. 
The Christmas decorations are mostly quite understated in Milan.  Lots of simple Christmas trees in shop windows, like these that I spotted on my many trips to the city.

Even the Duomo piazza tree follows a simple theme of red bows and twinkling lights.
The simple wreaths made from fresh leaves and vegetables also caught my eye.

I'm already starting to plan where to next in Milan as I've discovered, there's lots more to explore in this little gem of a city.
Buon Feste!
Arrivederci Milano!

Friday 14 December 2012

White walk to work

It had been predicted, but it was still exciting to wake up this morning and see a Christmas tree in the courtyard. Snow seems to add that Christmassy layer to everything.  
Following Monica and Xavier's example, I've been walking Stephen to work. To my Australian eyes the buildings, trams and people, that we see along the five minute walk to the office, seem impressively European, like this building across the road from Stephen's cosy apartment.
But this morning everything looked even more exotic decorated with a thick coating of white, fluffy snow. 
My excitement about the white walk to work wasn't entirely shared by the worker himself, who was busy dodging puddles, while mentally reviewing his presentation for this morning.

Before wandering back through the snow to layer up for another day of sightseeing in Milano, I quickly stopped for a cappuccino and delicious krappfen. Memories of Austrian winters came flooding back with the first mouthful!
Snow is forecast for today and tomorrow, so I think it's going to be a day of visiting galleries and possibly a couple of bars. Must remember not to order a capuccino after noon and to stick to a limit of one krappfen per day.
Ciao, ciao!

Thursday 13 December 2012


After what seemed a very long 7 weeks I flew into Milan on Saturday, 8th December 2012.  The flight over was shocking. The less said about it the better. I've learned my lesson and in the future I will always book my seat before getting to the airport! 

On Sunday, with no time to waste, Stephen took me on his personal tour of the city.  We walked and walked and walked!  First to the Navigli, a trendy canal district.  When Stephen and Cherie visited this area a month or so ago, the canals were empty and looked pretty ordinary,

but now they are full of water again, so the area was quite busy. Apparently in summer the canals are very popular with people and mosquitos! 

We walked on and saw the famous Duomo,

and strolled through the shopping district decorated with understated Milanese Christmas lights,

and gasped at the over the top window display in Dolce and Gabbana.

No sign of jet lag, so we jumped on a tram to return to the Navigli for a late Sunday lunch of risotto and osso bucco which are the local specialities. Delicious.

It was a fantastic introduction to our new adventure, but best of all was seeing Stephano in Milano.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

So it begins...

At 4.30am on the 15th October 2012 Stephen and Cherie flew out from Sydney airport on their Milan Transfer.  More than 26 hours later they collapsed in their apartments, caught a few hours sleep and then bounded into work to say 'Ciao' to their new colleagues.
So what have they seen since they arrived? Well apart from their desks, their beds, the office walls and their computer screens, they've ticked off a few of Milan's highlights.

The Duomo, which they climbed of course.

Lake Como for a Sunday excursion.
Stephen's even been to Germany for work.
There was no time for jetlag as they hit the ground running.